(Additional questions are added as we receive them)

  • Is your organization Pro-Life? Absolutely. You can't be "America First" without protecting the lives of the unborn. We wholeheartedly support pro-life organizations like The Vitae Foundation and Concerned Women For America. For more information, go to the "Recommended" page under the "About" tab above. 
  • Do you accept items for consignment? We are not a retail establishment and unfortunately cannot accept or be responsible for anything left at our office. 
  • Does America First MO make contributions to specific candidates? America First MO PAC recently transitioned to a hybrid SuperPAC, which affords the opportunity to donate to candidates and issue campaigns. Campaign contributions are considered when there is a clear consensus of AFMP's support base. 
  • Is America First MO affiliated with America First Policies? America First MO is not affiliated with any other organization or PAC. 
  • Do you endorse candidates? See FAQ above. In addition, AFMP team members are free to endorse candidates personally (via their personal social media, etc.).
  • Are you part of the official Trump campaign? No.
  • What is an “America First” candidate? Any candidate who supports the President’s vision and agenda to keep America first: i.e., veterans and legal citizens before illegal immigrants or American industry before international commerce. 
  • Do you collaborate with the GOP? AFMP does not work against the Republican party, however we respect our supporters’ desire to remain independent. 
  • Why aren't I receiving your newsletter updates? First, check your spam folder. If you're still not receiving them, email us at info@americafirstmo.com and we will try and assist you further.