Friends of America First MO PAC

We gratefully acknowledge our supporters who make it possible for us to operate and grow. 

Peggy Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ames


Chris Babb

Dorothy Bailey

Sandy Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blowers

Louise Blume

Gordon Brown

Janell Brunner

George Bude

Nicholas Cassimatis

The Cavalry Group

Citizens For Conway

Jenifer Clifton

Violet Corbett

Drury Development

Joseph Duggan

Beverly Ehlen

Audie Faulstich

Jim Faupel

Mike Felton

Timothy Fitch
Richelle Flecke

Ed Golterman

Mark Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hanenburg

Paula Hardin

Sharon Hayes

Gia Henkhaus

Mary Henry

Lynne Hepburn

Louis Holtmann

John Huck

JAW Services

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Karen Kane

Joan Karanas

Jan Klarich

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Randy LaBounty

Mr. and Mrs. Renaldo Lares

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Leaderbrand

Leadership For America

Todd Lifka

Nancy Lillenberg

Thomas Maurer

Robert Miley

Missouri Amusement Machine Operators 

Ken Murer

Amy Neu

William Neukum

Martha Northington

Brandy Pedersen

Rick Perry

Protect America First PAC

Sudhir Rathod

Samantha Rhodes

Frank Rice
Roesch Brothers Construction

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Seubert

Margaret Sharpe

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shull

Sharon Solomon

Barbara Stout

Chris Struckhoff

Jared Totsch

Kathryn Ver Hagen

Martin Ver Plank

Donna Ward

Ret. Rear Adm. Charles Williams