How It Began

Annette Read, Co-Founder and former Executive Director, and the majority of the team at America First MO PAC have supported candidate Trump since the legendary escalator ride in NYC. They worked vigorously gathering support across the state, eventually working 24/7 throughout the caucus/convention process making sure he was fairly represented. After Mr. Trump was officially nominated in Cleveland, Annette contacted Missouri's GOP to ask where the Trump campaign headquarters would be located. She was told that he would simply be represented via other campaign offices. Concerned that this could negatively impact the optics, momentum and morale of Trump's support base, Annette, along with friend and colleague Diane Neff, subsequently reached out to other activist leaders to propose an independent grassroots office. The "Show-Me Trump" office, located in St. Louis, was launched and became the only one of its kind, operating independently of the party and run entirely by volunteers. Mr. Trump invited the team on his plane to find out more and express his gratitude (photos). The office was so successful, in fact, that supporters had asked about opening another one ever since.

Our Mission

Organizing, energizing and growing the America First support base of independent voters is crucial to our nation's upcoming elections. 

What We Do

AFMP recently transitioned from a continuing campaign committee (PAC) to a hybrid SuperPAC. Similar to Show-Me Trump, AFMP is primarily an informational outlet to promote conservative candidates and issues, featuring those who strongly support the President's vision for America. Whereas the GOP will typically promote and allow their choice of primary candidate only to speak at events, for example, we give opportunity to all. AFMP sponsors political events and utilizes vast, accumulated data/digital resources in order to better level the playing field for Republican elections. We are a statewide network, always prepared for the next election. Supporters will benefit from poll worker and caucus training, as well as information like published surveys from candidates about America First policies and principles.

AFMP includes and collaborates with College Republicans and conservative youth organizations whenever possible. The America First movement must continue with the next generation.

If the Trump Presidency succeeds, America succeeds. The old Republican party has given way to a whole new energy and voter base... America First MO PAC is your party, and your voice!